Product : Project Scheduling and Cost Control: Planning, Monitoring and Controlling the Baseline

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Scheduling and cost control are the key elements of successful project management. Yet, over 80% of all projects start with underestimated schedules and costs and are doomed to exceed projections before they begin. This clear and concise book demonstrates how to establish realistic estimates for successful project completion. It illustrates how to control a project s schedule and costs, but more importantly, it shows the reader how to develop the project s plans and processes so that schedule and cost control are achievable goals. Based on PMI standards, Project Scheduling and Cost Control provides valuable instruction for any project manager interested in achieving improved control of project costs and schedules. Additional material is provided relevant to those preparing to take the PMP certification exam.

Key Features

-Offers a clear understanding of the activities, concepts, techniques, and tools of project scheduling and cost control that can be applied to any industry
-Provides techniques for monitoring and controlling schedules and costs so that the project stays in the guidelines and for assessing and recovering projects that are outside established control parameters
-Shows how to map capabilities against customer requirements and what to do when they don t match
-Gives recommendations for improving organizational processes that support project management activities
-Contains numerous instructional examples to demonstrate all the techniques and tools needed to develop and use a successful schedule and cost control system
-Offers free downloadable schedule and cost control templates and a slide presentation highlighting critical points related to these components, available from the Web Added Value Download Resource Center

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