10 page paper plus abstract/reference page/cover page on marriage counseling

Must be a 10 page paper plus not included in the count an abstract, reference page, and cover page. APA format. 12pt. Times New Roman.  Must include 11 references no wikipedia or reference books.



How to create a great marriage after marital issues that included suffering and difficulties in regards to absent spouses and emotional abuse whether it was intentional or not. Must be a research paper, not self help.


Some Key Points to be Included:

1.     Include the 5 Love Needs by Barbara Rosberg

a.     Showing the importance of the different types of intimacy and closeness.

b.     Bonding with your spouse allows an open line of communication.

c.      Bonding/ intimacy allows for a closeness that is necessary.

2.     Five Love Languages by Gary D. Chapman

a.     All people feel love in different ways. Determine how you feel loved and your spouse and actively pursue the filling of each other’s love bucket.

3.     Learning to Let Go

a.     If you want to move forward, you have to learn to let go of the past.

b.     If there are any co-dependency issues, you have to learn to let your spouse let go and make their own decisions to allow them to grow or vice-versa.

4.     Put Christ into both of your lives and make him first.

a.     Christ should be the center of our lives. If we place him first in the marriage he will help your relationship flourish. With God as the center of the marriage there is nothing that can get in the way.


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