3 Discussion Questions- Need in 12 hours or less.

3 Discussion Questions. Each 300 word min. APA format. 

Topic 1

Do your believe companies that engage in ethical values and practices will often outperform those that do not? Should a business have a higher purpose than making money? What is your response to the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism identified on page 33 of the Conscious Capitalism textbook?

Topic 2

Management by grace is a concept that allows for employees to admit mistakes and have their mistakes forgiven by management rather than punished.  This process might lend itself to teachable moments, better morale, and greater efficiency within an organization. Respond to the following:

*How do you think management by grace might look to management by threat and intimidation?

*How do you think management by grace demonstrates effective business leadership?

* Draw from a real world experience or observation that was resolved in line with management by grace.  Perhaps you are aware of a manager that tends to follow the idea of management by grace.  Avoid identifying names.

Topic 3

We all have moral heroes and heroines in the world of sports and entertainment–people well known for their moral example.  You should now consider three moral heroines and heroes in corporate America, people who demonstrate taking the higher road when it comes to business ethics.  Write a summary of theses three individuals who exemplify taking the higher road when it comes to ethics in business. 


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