Each paper will be seven narrative pages in length and include a bibliography page. The paper will discuss an issue that is relevant to sport (I CHOSE HANDBALL) and the social sciences. Thus, the papers may cover a topic that is historical, sociological, anthropological, geographic, political, economic, psychological, or a combination thereof. In order for students to better understand the global nature of the sport (Handball) , the paper must deal with a topic outside of their own nation. The papers will contain documented research from reputable scholarly and popular sources. Students may use either APA; MLA; or University of Chicago style manuals. 

The evaluated on the following criteria:

25%: Quality and documentation of the research 

25%: Quality of writing

25%: Ability to his/her topic is an issue and that he/she understands the issue

25%: Ability to make a connection between sport and the human experience


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