Assignment 2: Submission—Course Project

For your course project, do the following:Combine all of the analysis from the discussions into an executive summary not to exceed one page.Follow that with 3 pages of narrative discussing your analysis and summarizing your opinion of the financial health of the three companies.Describe the three ratio categories.Explain the financial ratios calculated.Work in the answers to the questions from your Module 4 discussion:Which company is more liquid?Which company has the strongest net income?Which company has the strongest solvency?Which company is most profitable?Which company would be the most solid financial investment?Conclude with a summary of your findings and a recommendation, with supporting evidence, identifying which company is the most solid financial investment.Include an abstract at the beginning of your paper.Be sure to format your paper and cite any sources using APA style.You may use this APA Citation Helper as a guide.This APA formatting handout will help you set up your essay using APA style.

Save your paper as a Microsoft Word document named LastnameFirst Initial_ACC201_M5A2. Bythe due date assigned, submit your document to the Submissions Area.


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