COMM 110 Final Exam 3


1. The general rule for outlining is that there should be at least two entries at any level of subordination. 


2. Consider the statement, ‘The measure of a man is not how many times he has fallen, but how many times he has gotten back up.’ This statement is an example of which strategy for achieving rhythm? 

3. Audience members quickly change first impressions as a speaker changes his or her delivery style. 

4. Using direct eye contact is important for all audiences because cultures all over the world value direct eye contact as a sign of honesty and integrity. 

5. Explicitly stating your purpose in the introduction is particularly appropriate when you have a captive audience. 

6. Vocalized pauses are more effective than silent pauses. 


7. Suspense can be created in a speech by either speeding up or slowing down one’s rate. 


8. The words, ‘first,’ ‘second,’ and ‘third’ serve as ________ in a speech. 

9. Rhythm in a speech helps audience members understand the speech because it improves their ability to anticipate what is coming next. 

10. Which of the following statements about the comparison of written style and oral style is FALSE? 

11. A speaker’s clothing can undermine his or her purpose or thesis. 

12. Delivery skills are so important that practicing them and using them should be considered an end in itself. 

13. Anecdotes and analogies help make abstract ideas concrete. 

14. The most important function of transitions is to create a sense of movement and form in the speech. 

15. Which of the following answers shows the proper progression within an outline from most important to least important? 

16. Faith opened her speech by asking her classmates, ‘Would it surprise you to learn that you probably expose yourself to the leading killer of college-aged Americans at least three times a week?’ What type of introduction was Faith using? 


17. Subordinate points are parallel with each other and appear at the same level of an outline as the points they support. 

18. Most student classroom speeches should employ the ________ style. 

19. Vocal cues are used by listeners to judge a speaker’s ethos. 

20. The least important ideas in the outline are signified by lowercase letters. 

21. A conclusion should perform which three functions? 

22. Most speakers prefer to use notecards for their presentation outlines rather than outlines printed on paper. 

23. Because a speaker must provide connections to bridge the gap between elements in the speech, it is important to include ________ in the speech. 


24. Reflexivity refers to the tendency of speakers to ________ more than writers. 

25. Dialect is most closely associated with which vocal quality? 


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