Computer Science Network Security Discussion

The maximum plagiarism allowed is 10%. Anything more than that I will deduct points for each additional percent of plagiarism. How would you answer the following questions?

1. Data Security: protection of data at rest and in transit.

2. Software Security: development and use of software that reliably preserves the security properties of the information and systems it protects.

3. System Security: establishing and maintaining the security properties of systems, including those of interconnected components.

4. Human Security: protecting individuals’ personal data and privacy; threat mitigation combined with the study of human behavior as it relates to cybersecurity.

5. Organizational Security: protecting organizations from cybersecurity threats and managing risk to support successful accomplishment of the organizations’ missions.

6. Societal Security: aspects of cybersecurity that can broadly impact society as a whole for better or for worse. The following should be submitted for grading: • Prepare a least 2 paragraphs with single space for each questions report, spaced, size 12, in class to DEMO your results (5 points). Note: Prepare a class PowerPoint Presentation (minimum 6-12 slides) and DEMO with all the requirements of this Research Paper (Survey, results, table, diagram, etc) (50% of your grade is based on DEMO) (5 points) REQUIREMENTS – Any assignment received after the time of the class is considered late (NO EXCUSES) and is graded with 0%.

Please follow this rubric and watch for plagiarism.

Please only pick this if you have the knowledge.


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