CS672 Colorado Technical University Systems Engineering Management Plan Paper

Attached is the MS word file which shows current status of work, you have to extend the paper by answering following questions: (this assignment is worth 250 points, and I am at B- grade right now, this can bump my grade.

Key Assignment

The final step in developing the SEMP is to write an executive summary. The executive summary should be a 1-page paper that distills key information from the SEMP to present at an executive level. You will also review the SEMP document and produce the final version. Updates should be made based on peer and instructor feedback.

The deliverables for this week are as follows: Update the SEMP document based on peer and instructor feedback. Executive Summary (1 page) Present the key points of the SEMP in a summary document for the executives. SEMP (final version of Key Assignment) Review the entire document for any changes and improvements that you would like to make. Ensure that the final document contains all information that is necessary for the agreed-upon SEMP template. Update your references (2–5 pages). The final document should be at least 12–15 pages (not including the title, TOC, and reference pages).

Please submit your assignment.


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