Data Analytics – Project

Data Analytics project on any related topic is required. The project should be an analysis of a problem or a situation. I need a paper and a PPT with no plagiarism.

Sample Project Ideas: Below are sample ideas. But, any idea is fine.

•1. Will there be a need for Credit Cards in Five Years?•2. Do Most People need Life Insurance? •3. Is Mobile Banking Secure? •4. Is there a need of increased cyber security? •5. Should be split in smaller units to let others compete? •6. Should there be Governmental regulations to oversee Facebook, Twitter, snapchat and other technologies?

Paper requirements:

1. Include Abstract, Main content, Citations and References.

2. The Main content should be 5 pages in length excluding title page, abstract and reference page.

3. Paper should be in APA format.

Presentation requirements: 10 slides which addresses the following.Introduction of the issueAnalysis of the tools usedWhat the group would have done differentlyPresentation of final solution


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