Defeating Poverty's Influence

This assignment only has to be 250-275 words.



According to the research (Wardle 2013; Kozol 2010) students who live in low income areas are exposed to a lower quality and/or standard of education than those in higher income areas. The research further states that students in integrated schools perform better on tests, possess increased ambitions for educational and occupational accomplishments, and lead more integrated lives as a result. Would a standardized, state-mandated curriculum work to support these students? Explain your answer, and support your response with at least one outside resource.

Additionally, who should be held accountable for this sub-par education?

The teachers who are providing guidance and instruction.The parents whose job is to ensure their child is academically successful.School administrators who oversee the school’s overall success.The government that appropriates funding.The students who should have an intrinsic value of education.


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