Digital Health


Conduct a literature search for content and articles from reputable online sources, including Web pages and article databases (HU Library and others) for a discussion on the following topics:

1. What are the possible business strategies for healthcare organizations? Hospitals Clinics Private       practice Pharmacies Insurance       companies Other? Can the      strategies discovered for organizations in #2 above be extended for      telehealth? What       are some viable business strategies for telehealth enterprises? What       are the barriers faced by telehealth strategy? What are      the possible organizational strategies for telehealth? That is, how can existing or potential      healthcare enterprises organize (structurally), i.e., with regard to      physical and geographical locations, organizational form (hierarchical,      matrix, etc.), types of work, processes, etc? What are      the possibilities for IT strategy for telehealth? What       generic technologies are available (Web, networking, etc.)? What       specific technologies are available? What       technologies are needed?


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