For this assignment, you are the Director of Information Technology for your state fusion center. The state just hired 12 new staff members to your department. Usually, your assistance is the one who would conduct the awareness training as it relates to national infrastructure; however, she is away on maternity leave. Therefore, you are the who must train this class. 

You will prepare a PowerPoint presentation of a minimum of 17 slides. These slides do not include your title or reference slides on the following. 

• Explain the significance of detecting infrastructure attacks 

• What is managing vulnerability information 

o Vulnerability Management

▪ Worst case assumptions 

▪ Nondefinitive conclusions 

▪ Connection to all sources

• Explain what is as well as what is the significance of a cyber intelligence report  o Current security posture 

o Automated metrics 

o Top and new security risks o Human interpretation 

• List and explain the requirement for creating a cyber intelligence report 

• Explain the risk management process as it relates to protecting national infrastructure 

• Explain the significance of the Security Operation Center (SOC) 

• Explain to the new hires the National Awareness Program as it relates to: 

o Commercial versus government information o Information classification 

o Agency politics 

o SOC responsibility 

Please ensure all sides have speaker notes. 

You should have a minimum of 17 DIFFERENT citations. Slides should also have visual references of what you are discussing.  Assignment should follow APA6th format.


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