Disscussion Board Forum 2

Your textbook mentions that, in order to practice professional counseling, one must obtain a license from his/her state. All of the states have separate criteria for licensure and separate practice acts. As a future practitioner, it is important that you know what is required for your state. For this discussion board, you will need to access your state board of professional counseling (or marriage and family therapy), find the requirements for licensure, and share them with your classmates. To accomplish this task:

Perform a search on the Internet for your state board of professional counseling or marriage and family therapy. Once you have found the website, you will need to locate the prerequisite requirements for licensure. Search the website until you find the information you need. Terms such as “application for licensure” or “Laws, Policies, Rules” may prove useful.

Complete the Discussion Board Forum 2 Worksheet in the Assignment Instructions folder for your state; attach your worksheet to the discussion board.

Finally, copy and paste the link to your state’s website under the “Miscellaneous” column of the worksheet.

Upload your worksheet to the discussion board for the class to see. Look over 1 worksheet submitted by a classmate and comment on the similarities and differences from your state to his/her state. For more instructions, see “How to Find Your State Board of Counseling’s Rules and Regulations” under Additional Materials in this module/week.

My licensure is Virginia for professional counseling

Please see attachment

Granello & Young: chs. 5–6


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