easy assignment 4 hours


 Killing Me Softly Video

To complete this assignment: 

1) Click on the Course Media link – Look for the video “Killing Me Softly”2) Students might be asked if they want to allow Kaltura to access their account.  If they are they must click yes.3) Click on a video link

Killing Me Softly is a powerful documentary that lasts 60 minutes and focuses on the influence media has on body image.  Consider how/if the media has had a negative influence on your own body image.  As you watch the video, you will need to use this note-taking document (Killing Us Softly 4 Student Version-1.docx)

Actions to answer questions regarding the video material.  At the end of the video questions are a few personal reflection questions about how the media has or has not influenced your own body image.  Once you have completed watching the video and filling out both sections of the notes (video material + reflection questions),

need this in 4 hours 


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