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FOCUS: In the excerpt from Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father, there are echoes of what we have addressed while studying the Chicago Renaissance. Although this chapter (9) deals with an era over thirty years after the publication of A Raisin in the Sun, Obama’s observation concerning life in a housing project in Chicago, “That hope had been fragile, though, and by the time I had met with them they had already resigned themselves to their disappointments” sounds like something Walter was fighting as he struggled with his idea of “getting ahead.”

What one of the local businessmen also states, “Maybe you can’t blame us for being the way we are (like crabs in a bucket, not working together). All those years, without opportunity, you have to figure it took something out of us” (182) reminds us of Walter’s own “friend” stealing his money.

What other issues, concerns, etc. resonate from what either Lorraine Hansberry or other works we have looked at in this unit have portrayed? You can also discuss what other lasting influences you think endure from that era.


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