Explain why firms need to study and understand their internal

Write a maximum 2 page MLA paper. The topic of your paper must be on one learning objectives from the previous two weeks (Weeks 1 and 2).You paper must include:- Definition of the Learning Objective- How Learning Objective is relevant to business- Define a scenario where the learning objective is present- Create a viable solution to the scenario Your paper must include 2 sources from the library as part of your research.Choose from any of the below learning objectivesKNOWLEDGE OBJECTIVES1. Explain why firms need to study and understand their internal organization.2. Define value and discuss its importance.3. Describe the differences between tangible and intangible resources.4. Define capabilities and discuss how their development.5. Describe four criteria used to determine whether resources and capabilities are core competencies.6. Explain how value-chain analysis is used to identify and evaluate resources and capabilities.7. Define outsourcing and discuss reasons for its use.8. Discuss the importance of identifying internal strengths and weaknesses


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