Fill out an 1120S tax form

Please complete this form–2014.pdf

C:11-64 Refer to the facts in Tax Form/Return Preparation Problem C:9-58. Now assume the company is an S corporation rather than a partnership. Additional facts are as follows:

Drs. Bailey and Firth formed the corporation on January 1, 2013, and the corporation immediately elected S corporation status effective at the beginning of 2013.

Upon formation of the corporation, Dr. Bailey received common stock worth $1.2 million, and Dr. Firth received common stock worth $2.8 million.

The balance sheet information is the same as in Table C:9-3 except the equity section is as follows:January 1, 2014December 31, 2014Common stock$4,000,000$4,000,000Retained earnings171,36091,020

The $180,000 paid to Dr. Bailey is salary constituting W-2 wages (instead of a guaranteed payment). Ignore employment taxes (Social Security, etc.) on Dr. Bailey’s salary.

Qualified production activities income (QPAI) still equals $2.24 million, but employer’s W-2 wages allocable to U.S. production activities equal $1.16 million (because of Dr. Bailey’s salary). The company, being an eligible small pass-through S corporation, uses the small business simplification overall method for reporting these activities (see discussion for Line 12d of Schedule K and Line 12 of Schedule K-1 in the Form 1120S instructions).

Use book numbers for Schedule L and Schedule M-1 in Form 1120S.

C:9-58 Healthwise Medical Supplies Company is located at 2400 Second Street, City, ST 12345. The company is a general partnership that uses the calendar year and accrual basis for both book and tax purposes. It engages in the development and sale of specialized surgical tools to hospitals. The employer identification number (EIN) is XX-2016014. The company formed and began business on January 1, 2013. It has no foreign partners or other foreign dealings. The company is neither a tax shelter nor a publicly traded partnership. The company has made no distributions other than cash, and no changes in ownership have occurred during the current year. Dr. Bailey is the Tax Matters Partner. The partnership makes no special elections. Table C:9-3 contains book balance sheet information at the beginning and end of the current year, and Table C:9-4 presents a book income statement for the current year. Other information follows:

TABLE C:9-3 Healthwise Medical Supplies Company—Book Balance Sheet Information

TABLE C:9-4 Healthwise Medical Supplies Company—Book Income Statement 2013Sales$7,000,000Returns and allowances(350,000)Net sales$6,650,000Beginning inventory$1,400,000Purchases2,800,000Ending inventory(1,680,000)Cost of goods sold(2,520,000)Gross profit$4,130,000Expenses:

Depreciation (including Sec. 179)$ 891,840


General insurance49,000

Guaranteed payment (to Dr. Bailey)180,000

Other salaries980,000



Rent expense210,000

Advertising expense42,000

Professional fees70,000

Employment taxes98,000

Business interest expense33,600

Investment expenses4,800

Investment interest expense4,200

Meals and entertainment21,000

Charitable contributions (cash)56,000Total expenses(2,797,940)Other income:

Interest on municipal bonds1,200

Dividend income26,400

Gain on stock sale:

 Selling price$1,440,000

 Book value(480,000)

 Book gain960,000Net income per books$2,319,660


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