Final Exam Paper

You will write a paper that will encompass things you learned throughout the course, conduct relevant research and correlate this information into your paper. In this paper you will create a new startup company. Your company will be based upon a solution that will incorporate technology, business processes, a societal need, and will include an ethical dilemma.

1. What is a startup – a startup is a new company that was created out of a need or an opportunity in a market. Your startup can be a totally new company with a new product or service or your product can be in addition to an existing service such as taxi services and Uber (applying a new technology resource to an existing concept).

2. How to incorporate a technology solution with a business process solution or societal need- use technology in a way to add to the reduction of a problem or incorporate technology in a way that revolutionizes a concept. While technology cannot be applied to every humanistic approach, technology can be applied in such a way as to augment traditional ways and concepts and creating value, find a way to incorporate technology into your startup solution that it creates value for business/society.

3. Incorporate an ethical dilemma into your Final Exam Paper. In other words when developing a startup there will be ethical dilemmas that must be mitigated and factored into solutions. Your startup will affect society in some way, prepare for these affects by establishing policies to address existing concerns, and concerns that may be experienced in the future.

4. Minimum required elements- Your paper will include:

A. Title page

B. Abstract

C. Main body (information about your startup). You must cite information you use from


D. Summary/Conclusion or a way forward.

E. Reference section

F. Use the APA Template located on the Getting Started Section in Blackboard to

structure your paper.

G. Length of paper-I am looking for quality vs. quantity, therefore the minimum length of

the main body of your paper will be 3-pages with a maximum of 5-pages. The title

page, abstract and reference section are not counted in the length of the paper

only the main body of the paper is counted in the 3-5-page requirement.


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