Florida State University Binomial Experiments Discussion

Binomial distributions are the results of only two outcomes, such as will or won’t, or something happens or it doesn’t:

Will I find a parking spot or won’t I?

Will I win the lottery or won’t I?

Will my car start or won’t it?

So if you flip a standard coin (one that has two different sides, heads and tails, as we have learned to call each side), it will land on either heads or tails. The more times you flip the coin, or experiment with potential outcomes, the probability distribution has more probability to change.

To complete the Discussion activity, please do the following:

Answer each question fully. Use a minimum of 250 words for a complete discussion post. While it is not required in this discussion, feel free to bring in outside resources to support your answers. Outside resources include materials outside of the textbook, such as a website.Discuss the probability of landing on heads if you flipped a coin 10 times.What is the probability the coin will land on heads on each of the 10 coin flips?Apply this same binomial experiment to a different real-world situation. Describe a situation involving probability.In your peer responses, ask for feedback from your peers on the potential outcomes of the presented situation.


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