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Reducing Childhood Obesity

It must be an essay of between 750-850 words.

It must be informative, rather than persuasive in nature.

It must have a clear introduction and conclusion.

It must have a clear thesis that limits the topic and establishes the essay’s main point.

It must develop the thesis with a combination of original thought and resource material.

It must use at least three reliable sources appropriately; source material should be used to develop the writer’s ideas, rather than becoming the focus of the paper. At least one of those sources must be from the Kaplan University Library.

It must avoid unreliable sources or sources inappropriate for an academic essay, including but not limited to Wikipedia.

Source material, whether it is quoted or paraphrased, must be given appropriate credit, including in text citations and a citation in the References page.

It must follow APA format requirements, including an appropriately formatted title page, 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced paragraphs and one inch margins.

It should be written with an appropriate level of formality, avoiding first and second person.


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