I need help with a book critique "Monique and the Mango rains Author Kris Holloway

This class is gender in cross culture perspective  The book title is “Monique and the Mango Rains” by Kris Holloway


You are to write a critical book review of one of the three additional books required for this course. THIS IS NOT A SUMMARY OF THE BOOK, but is a critical analysis of the book’s contribution to the study of sex and gender. It is important that you situate this book in relation to some of the larger issues we have discussed this term. Referring to other relevant course readings/materials is essential, but additional research is not required. Your completed assignment should be approximately 5 pages (not counting the title page, double spaced, font size 12) or about 1500 words.  (Please include your name and assignment name in the file name of your document –  JaneSmith.book review  or JThompson bookrev, etc.). I will use the writing rubric in How You Will be Evaluated (Course Information documents)  to guide my evaluation of your paper.

The following points should help you focus your critical book review:What are the author’s goals in the book and how well does he/she achieve them? Use examples from the book to support your points.What is the significance or central theme(s) of the book?Provide a brief overview of the culture that is the focus of the book.How can you relate the book to other readings/issues we’ve covered this term? (be specific in making connections to other materials in this course )From a critical, cross-cultural, and social constructivist perspective, what questions or issues does this book raise about sex/gender/sexuality?How do class readings/materials complicate, support or contrast with sex/gender/sexuality issues raised in the book you read?What new insights about sex/gender/sexuality have you gained from reading the book?

Your instructor may use Turnitin to assess if you have plagiarized.


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