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What are the express powers of the President as laid out in the constitution? How have these been expanded in the years since the Constitution was written? What are executive orders? What is executive privilege? What role does the President play in the national budget procedure?  Are there limits to these powers, and if so what are they?  Does the President have the kind of power often associated with office in the public mind? Why does this “illusion of Presidential government” exist?


What tools does the federal government have for controlling the economy of the United States? How would believers in Keynsian economics use these tools? What is the difference between a Progressive and a Regressive tax policy?  What economic ideas do not follow Keynsian economic thought? What economic policies would followers of these ideas adopt?


What is the role of the media in modern American politics? How effective are media outlets in keeping the American people informed about the operations of their government? What factors must the public consider when regarding the output of American public media? Do you think the media are too influential in American politics? Why or why not?


first two questions need to be very detailed I need ASAP 


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