Intellectual Response 1 (IRP 1)

you dont have to sign up for anything, I conducted a research and this is just a report that has to be done on it.There are 2 attachments 1 explains the IRP 1 instructions and 2 field notes you can make up and include in the IRP 1the task was very easy and archives was easy to locate – one of the questions on field notesMy research was to make a wikipedia page and were given a person who had very little information on herself^ the person I did research on, not a lot of information was found just 1-2 short paragraphs MAJORITY OF THIS ASSIGNMENT is all about creativity because I cannot send you all the facts We visited the archives/logs to look her up and find old articles that might link back to her but we found nothing the only piece of information we had is the single piece of newspaper cut out we had on her, explaining a little bit about herself and her biography. the feeling of visiting archives center was very cool and sad. The equipment they have to maintain and share documents is so cool, but the enviorment at the center is very dead and dull, feels like a graveyardi enjoyed the group project i made a new friends and it was very hands on/ engagingyou allowed to be open and honest on this IRP 1 as long it’s clear and professional My experienceconnection to women: after doing the assignment Excited with group ConceptsParticular person, I picked – why How u approach the article – a single piece of the article all its information has been put on to the link above Examples of not used concepts and used strategies – in the assignment or research Why was there very little info on herWhat makes her so secretive Course name is Women studies its bout feminism and females history and how they overcome their rights and stuff


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