Intro to visual arts


Paper must include at-least three images that represents the movement, artists, and/or art . Give background information, characteristics and style. Analyze each work of art. Do not forget to list at-least three sources used to assist in writing  paper, APA format guidelines. Place appropriate captions under each image.

 Title Your Paper

1. Read and Research

Write a four  page summary include images and  discuss characteristic style of Early Renaissance or Late Renaissance.  Example: if  item is Late Renaissance  architecture what parts of the  facade makes it Late Renaissance.

OR write a four page summary on one of the topics below

Remember: Discuss related significant  image/s  that you attach to your paper. Do not forget to place captions under each image. A minimum of 5 sources that assisted you in writing paper.

2. Research: Read the articles, topics listed below on a search engine like Google.  (paste link)

BBC Greek history site

Ancient Greek

Baroque Art

Neo Classical Art

The Agora

Elgin Marbles


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