Kaplan GB 601 Assignment – Ethical Considerations in Global Expansion

Assignment and Rubric | Unit 1GB601 | MBA CapstoneEthical Considerations in Global ExpansionIn Unit 1 you formed a team and started the process of growing your simulation company. Partof this team formation is to create a mission and values/culture profile. Greg Ballard talks aboutthis important topic in his video Follow Your Values. View the video “Follow Your Values withGreg Ballard (Glu Mobile) http://ecorner.stanford.edu/authorMaterialInfo.html?mid=1643 . Thecreation of a mission and values/culture profile is a core element of organizational success andlong range planning for all companies, regardless of size or age. Understanding this process willhelp increase your ability to contribute to your company’s success in the future.In future quarters of game play one task that your team will face is to analyze growthopportunities for expansion. There are many factors to consider when reviewing your choicesfor expansion. One consideration is one of ethics; does your company culture support theexpansion choices you will be making? Decision making tied to ethics and values may not beeasy but can be advantageous. McMurrian and Matulich (2006) cite Ferrell “These advantagesinclude higher levels of efficiency in operations, higher levels of commitment and loyalty fromemployees, higher levels of perceived product quality, higher levels of customer loyalty andretention, and better financial performance (Ferrell 2004)” (p.11).As part of the management team, you will need to be in consensus on expansion plans and willbe using the cultural profile your team has created in the marketplace simulation as one filter tomake your final decision. Many companies perform this kind of evaluation when looking toexpand internationally. For example, manufacturing facilities in other parts of the world haveunsafe working conditions (Saini, 2013). This may or may not have a direct impact on yourcompany, given its culture, but you should know about these types of things if you want to beviewed as acting in accordance with your company ethics. So your research should go beyondjust the typical numbers based data, i.e., GNP. You really want to know the country and how itoperates.This Assignment where you research markets outside the United States and make arecommendation for expansion practices the professional skills of:••••Global awarenessAwareness of ethical issues and responsibilitiesMake ethical decisions and solve problemsWork effectively in teams1GB601 | MBA CapstoneAssignment DetailsIn a 4–6 page APA formatted paper excluding text, diagrams, and other visual/oral aids asappropriate, address the following:?Discuss the challenges of values/ethics based business decision making in the currentglobal marketplace. Include citations from at least three scholarly sources to supportyour thoughts. You should also incorporate the work you have done in the Discussiontopic(s) for Unit 1 into your response for this section.?Research the markets that you can expand into from your home base in Chicago. Theseare, Paris, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai from a social and political climate of each usingHofstede’s Cultural Dimensions, (http://geert-hofstede.com/national-culture.html) whichyou learned about in GB580: Strategic Management, as a foundation. You may alsoinclude additional information on culture that you find in your research.?Using the results of your research, compare this information to the company mission,vision and values that the team will have already completed to determine theprogression of expansion. For example, the country with the strongest connection toyour company culture will be the easiest to expand into, and the country with theweakest connection may be the last.?Recommend to your team the progression of expansion and include a detailed rationalefor your choices.As you work in this Assignment you can share your information in the team space so the teamcan use it in the decision making process. Remember that differences in opinion are a great toolfor discussion and increased effectiveness in decision making.Submit your individual work to the Unit 1: Assignment Dropbox.ReferenceMcMurrian, R. C., & Matulich, E. (2006). Building Customer Value and Profitability with BusinessEthics. Journal of Business & Economics Research, 4 (11), 11–18.Saini, M. (2013). Apparel Factory Collapse Latest Bangladesh Tragedy. WWD: Women’s WearDaily, 205(85), 1.2GB601 | MBA CapstoneRubricUnit 1 Individual Assignment:Ethical Considerations in Global ExpansionCriteriaMaximumPointsDiscuss the challenges of values/ethics based business decision makingin the current global marketplace. Include citations from at least threescholarly sources to support your thoughts.20Research the markets that you can expand into from your home base inChicago. These are, Paris, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai from a social andpolitical climate of each using Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions,http://geert-hofstede.com/national-culture.html) as a foundation.20Using the results of your research, compare this information to thecompany mission, vision and values that the team will have alreadycompleted to determine the progression of expansion.20Quality of recommendations20General writing and APA compliance20Total100


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