Learning Essay

Transformative Learning Essay

In this 750-word essay, you will evaluate a real-world scenario from your own experience. Integrate at least two sources

from the Waldorf Online Library, along with the Required Reading, to support your rationale.

Identify a bias or stereotype that you have observed either within yourself or within a colleague at your current or past

organization. What are the cues that brought this bias or stereotype to your attention, or how is this stereotype reflected in

the person’s behaviors? How does this bias or stereotype impact the team or organization? Analyze this situation using

Model I of the Socio-Cognitive Systems Learning Model, provided in the Unit Lesson.

Applying the strategies from this unit, develop a strategy for transformative learning (for overcoming that bias or

stereotype). Specifically, how might you gather input for overcoming the bias or stereotype? What are the values,

behaviors, and outcomes you hope to achieve through the transformative learning process? Analyze this process using

Model II of the Socio-Cognitive Systems Learning Model, provided in the unit lesson.

Use APA formatting and cite all sources. Be sure to abide by Waldorf’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.


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