MGT521 North American Trade Planning and Preparing for Vacation Toolkit Paper

Refer to this Excel Template as an example of a Gantt chart. Feel free to modify this example to fit your needs:

Sample Gantt chart for 2019 conference.xlsx

Refer to this chart for instructions on how to use to create a flow chart:

After studying and evaluating the components included in the Project Manager’s Toolkit, evaluate which of the tools (Gantt Chart or Flow Chart) would be most appropriate for each of the following tasks and use that tool to complete the task.Outline the steps involved in undertaking a job search and choosing a job. Include an analysis of the advantages and limitations of the tool as well as ideas for ways you can use the tool in business.Build a schedule showing the steps for planning and preparing for your vacation. Include a description of the advantages and limitations of this tool and ideas for ways you can use it in business.


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