MLA format, 1000 words

Paper #4 Assignment Sheet


Writing Task:  For this paper, you will expand upon the research and discussion included in your informative synthesis (Paper #3). You will provide your personal answer to your research question and argue for that position in this paper. You should use the sources discussed in your informative synthesis as support for your own argument.  

Choosing Texts: You must use at least 3 sources to support the main points of your argument. Hopefully, these will be the same sources used in your informative synthesis, plus one opposing source. However, you might find it necessary to find an extra source or two to support specific aspects of your argument. Remember to choose reputable sources to give your own argument credibility.

Thesis:  To create the thesis for this paper, you will provide your own personal answer to the research question you established for the informative synthesis paper.

Outline : You will not be able to organize this paper by sources. Instead, each paragraph should focus on an element of support for your argument. You may end up using parts


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