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Assignment 2: Course Project: Final Submission

This week’s assignment focuses on the role of local government in policy formulation and implementation. You will also assemble your project into a whole document. The assignment this week will be incorporated as a section of the final assembled paper. This portion of the completd paper should be 3 to 5 pages in length. The total assembled project should be 15-20 pages in length.

To complete this assignment, address the following tasks:

 What role does local government play in formulating or implementing the policy you are studying?If local government is involved, is that involvement effective? If the local government is not involved, explain why.How is your policy funded? Is the policy funded from the general fund, user fees, special taxes, or a combination of sources?Is the funding adequate for the policy?Should the means of funding be changed? Why or why not?Cite references for the sources of your information.

For the assembled project you will need to address the following:Incorporate any feedback you have received from the course facilitator into your work.Revise your previous weeks’ work in light of any new information you have gained.In assembling your report, arrange the material so that it flows logically. If appropriate, you can change the order of topics and information from previous weeks.Conclude your report with three to five recommendations for improving the existing policy.

Submit your assembled research project paper in a 15- to 20-page Microsoft Word document to


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