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As part of the course project, in Week 5, you will identify potential volunteer assignments and key stakeholders, including volunteer groups as well as internal and external resources. Identify one or more Web sites or books to assist your research for the course project.

TasksReview the case statement developed in W3 Assignment 2 and identify potential fundraising activities using Web sites and books for ideas.Identify stakeholders for key fundraising assignments.Explain why you have selected these key stakeholders.Analyze the strategies for volunteer recruitment.Identify key stakeholders, including volunteer groups, internal resources, and external resources.Submit a memo detailing stakeholder involvement with the planning process. Include a plan for recruiting volunteer groups.Consider any pitfalls, including ethical or logistical issues that you may encounter during the fundraising process.Submit a table highlighting these pitfalls along with their proposed resolutions.Integrate weekly components into a single plan of action.Submit a detailed action plan, including the target and the fundraising goals.

The Justification of Strategies Adopted

As part of the course project, in Week 5, you will consider any pitfalls associated with your organization, including ethical or logistical issues, which you may encounter during the fundraising process. Using the South University Online Library, the Internet, and textbooks, identify one or more resources to assist you in the evaluation.

TasksReview the activities and assignments from W3 Assignment 2.Think through the processes and people involved and identify potential pitfalls.Identify strategies to avoid these potential pitfalls and how to mitigate their negative impact should they occur.Create a table in a Microsoft Word document stating the following:Potential pitfalls associated with key stakeholders and specific activities.Strategies for addressing these potential pitfalls.

The Report

As part of the course project, you will integrate different components you developed in Weeks 3 and 5 into a single, comprehensive plan of action. Consider target dates and realistic fundraising goals to be addressed in the fundraising plan. Identify one or more Web sites or other books to assist you in the development of a professional document.

TasksBased on your organization’s specific needs and activities, develop a set of realistic fundraising goals.Identify activities necessary to achieve each goal.Create a timetable that includes target dates for addressing each goal.


Using the components you have created in Week 3 and adding the tasks of this week, produce a 10- to 15-page, double-spaced proposal in a Microsoft Word document to include the following:Cover PageTable of ContentsExecutive SummaryAnalysisCase StatementRecruitment PlanEvaluationAction PlanAppendix (tables, budgets, and so on, if applicable)References (Cite all sources using the APA format on a separate page)


Week 3 Assignment 2 is attached


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