Online class for fours week. Each week $50

I’ll give u an website and my uaser name and password through the Message.

You need to take this week online for me.(It will be four weeks total.Each week I’ll pay $50) It’s very easy. Just read the Ebook and write one assignment and one quiz. . and take the exam.

I’ll post the pictures of how to login the web.

Pic1. The web before u log in.

PIC.2 After login you have to find the CourseSummer 2014 PL120-740 Symbolic Logic I 30489  It’s the first one.

Pic.3 The you click in to the course find the week one part. “Basic Concepts (May 20-24)” Finish it.

Thank u.

Here is the website for Ebook:   I will also give you log in information through message/

And the most important thing is I need you to finish every week before friday.


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