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Now that you have defined your problem, goal, and determined what’s already been done to address it, it’s time for you to propose what your next steps will be. Finalize your research proposal with an “Approach” section in which you respond to the following: 

• What will you build? Will you modify an existing model? Will you start from scratch?

 • Provide details on how you will create the mathematical/computational model. What language(s) will you use? Flowcharts, class diagrams, and other diagrams may be useful to explain your intentions.

 • How will you evaluate and test your model? How will you know if you have achieved your goal? 

Support your new section with at least four (4) scholarly peer-reviewed sources in addition to those already used in the prior sections.

 Format your submission according to the APA style guide. Remember that all work should be your own original work and assistance received from any source and any references used must be authorized and properly documented.


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