Group Presentation: Bringing it all together – Literature review

For your group presentation, we will use what we have learned from the previous exercises. You will be conducting a literature review of (5-6) peer reviewed journal articles of your group’s choice, on the topic of Information Governance.

Your presentation should include an introduction to the topic.

Your slides should contain a summary and synthesis of the articles and should include proper techniques of paraphrasing and quotes, if used, with citations.  You may also use bullet points as necessary.  You should also include a slide for your references in proper APA format.

You should discuss any trends, findings, and gaps.

Your presentation should be approximately 10 slides which is about 15-20 minutes.  This is your opportunity as a group to teach your peers what you have discovered.  When presenting, have different speakers and describe your article in your own words as you discuss the slide material.

Upload your completed presentation to your group assignment.  Please name the file: Group#_Presentation


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