Project Three: Composition in Three Genres For this assignment,

You will move from the research and analysis you did in Assignment Two to create a composition in three different genres, using two different media to communicate to a targeted audience about your topic. You will use your previous research, along with new sources, to inform your creative strategies and help you make the rhetorical choices necessary to create an effective composition. The three genres and two media are left to your discretion, based on your analysis of the rhetorical situation and the ways you intend to respond to it.  This assignment requires you to engage with your critical thinking, rhetorical awareness, and reflection capabilities in order to most effectively communicate with your specified audience. Your strategy will determine the choices you make in communicating to your audience, presenting your research, and creating the media to convey your message. Examples of different genres may include: character profile (Facebook, pamphlet, etc.), a poem, a short story, a play, a short film, a review of a film, a poster, photo essay, a painting, (just to name a few). What would Antigone look like as a comedy? Frogs as a tragedy? Whatever you decide, your project must include: 1) Three genres of communication in two different media created for a specific audience or audiences. 2) A statement of goals and choices that orients your reader to the purpose of your work and significance to your audience. (200 words for each genre; 600 words total) 3) A reflection that outlines your processes, from audience strategy to final composition, and explores the rhetorical choices you made in creating your composition. (200 words for each genre; 600 words total) 4) A Works Cited page with a minimum of five sources (a max of three from Project Two)


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