Quiz #5 essay questions

 Please review textbook:



Essentials of Oceanography , 11th Edition, Alan Trujillo and Harold Thurman 




From Module (9), you will have this question:

Describe the orientations of the sun, moon and earth during spring and neap tides.In your discussion, explain why the maximum tidal range (spring tide) occurs during new moon and full moon phases and the minimum tidal range (neap tide) at first-quarter and third-quarter moons. Then, discuss the validity of this statement: “All coastal locations on Earth experience spring and neap tides.”



From Module (10), you will have this question:

Describe the benefits of coastal wetlands to coastal and oceanic environments. Worldwide, why are wetlands being destroyed, despite these benefits? Then, focusing on Louisiana, discuss the causes and effects of coastal wetland loss along the Louisiana coast, and discuss possible solutions to this loss.



Short answer questions MUST be answered in complete sentences and your own words. Your answer should be 5- 10 sentences in length. You will receive a zero for copied answers or answers that are not grammatically correct. Your answer to short answer questions should fully demonstrate your knowledge of concepts from the modules.



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