Relationship and Marital Therapy

When it comes to relationships and marital problems, couples will often collaborate with an individual therapist as well as a marital and family therapist. In a 3- to 4-page paper (1,050 – 1400 words, not including title page and reference page), discuss the major differences between individual therapy for one patient with a psychologist and couples therapy for both people with a marital and family therapist. How are the goals for treatment decided and addressed for both types of treatment? What are the ethical implications involved with a marital and family therapist and a clinical psychologist collaborating to work with the couple? Who is the patient/client for a marital and family therapist? Use relevant required readings from the course to guide your answers, and be sure to use at least one additional peer-reviewed resource not more than 5 years old to support your position. These articles may come from required readings or can be searched out using the University of the Rockies online library resources. You should also use the Code of Ethics to review ethical considerations.


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