Religion – Women’s Spirituality (Chapter 1 Reading 40+ pages + 2 pages reflection paper)

Please finish it in 10 hours and write it in simple English

Reading(3 pdf attached files) – Weems, Ch. 1 “’You Have the Forehead of a Whore’: The Rhetoric of a Metaphor.” 

2-2.5 pages of reflection paper: require 1-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman type (double-spaced). APA style

A Simple Way to Write a Reflection Paper: Your reflection papers should help you deepen your understanding of the course material, and develop your clarity of thought and expression. Therefore, I’ll read each carefully and likely make numerous comments. I can accept a variety of approaches, so long as you strive to convey one or more “points.”  One simple way you could proceed: 

(A)Keep in mind that a reflection essay isn’t just a summary of the author(s) views. Please include your own response to the readings, which will come from your own personal experiences.In other words, see if you can “connect” some of “the dots” in the reading assignments so as to describe one aspect of feminist religious thought that holds some personal meaning for you.  You can ask yourself: What was the one most surprising/challenging/useful thing I learned from this week’s reading assignment? Of course you can disagree with the assigned author(s). And you can go beyond the assigned readings and bring in other sources.  

(B)You will probably want to begin with a brief (one- or two-sentence) description of the issue you’re going to focus on. But put a clear statement of your main point about that issue (your “thesis statement”) into your introductory paragraph.  This can look like: “I argue/think/hold that ______”. 

(C)Write 2-4 paragraphs that use evidence from the reading to support your main point/thesis. Add in a (succinct) quote or two that supports your evidence. Cite the relevant page numbers from the text(s) in parentheses whenever you use the text to make a point, for example: Because it is possible to apply a metaphor in a distortive or oppressive way, we must be attentive to whether and how a particular biblical author is using some metaphor to frame their topic (Weems, 110). Don’t quite have 2 pages? Summarize your argument.


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