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1.What is packet switching?

2.Describe the elements of an e-mail address.

3.What does the HTTP do?

4.What is network virtualization?

5.What is a seal of assurance?

6.What is a WAN?


The coded message that follows is an encrypted message from Brutus to the Roman Senate. It was produced using the Caesar cipher method, in which each letter is shifted by a fixed number of places (determined by the key value).



Determine the key used to produce the coded message and decode it.


2.Define ERP.

3.What is closed database architecture?

4.Describe the three-tier client-server model.

5.What is bolt-on software?

6.What is a data warehouse?

7.What is the drill-down approach?

Project Implementation

Your organization is planning to implement an ERP system. Some managers in the organization favor the big bang approach. Others are advocating a phased-in approach. The CEO has asked you, as project leader, to write a memo summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and to make a recommendation. This is a traditional organization with a strong internal hierarchy. The company was acquired in a merger two years ago, and the ERP project is an effort on the part of the parent company to standardize business processes and reporting across the organization. Prior to this, the organization had been using a general ledger package that it acquired in 1979. Most of the transaction processing is a combination of manual and batch processing. Most employees think that the legacy system works well. At this point, the implementation project is behind schedule.


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