Revised2: Urgent! Module 5 Lasa-Opioids Campaign-Read all attachments!

This is due Sunday October 28!  Urgently needed. I am writing about Opioids and my campaign is Opioid Campaign.  Please use the executive summary template as well as other.

Assignment 2: RA 2—Health Communication Campaign

You will now apply what you have learned in this course by developing a plan for a health communications campaign. For this original plan, you will integrate work from previous assignments.

For this assignment, assume you are making a professional presentation to gain community support for your health communications campaign. Complete the following: Compile all your module assignments for reference. Design your health promotion campaign for your chosen public health issue.

Be sure to include the following as part of the campaign: A separate executive summary in MS Word format. Download and review the executive summary template that you will use for this assignment. A PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:  A title page At least one slide each for the following major sections:  Preliminary analysis: Overall program goal Outcome objectives: Behavioral, social, or organizational Situation analysis and audience profile Communication objectives Communication strategies Tactical plan: Messages, channels, materials, and activities Evaluation plan Notes for each slide section to provide detailed content and narrative An attached list of examples and scholarly references

Write a 1–2-page executive summary in Word format. Use the following file naming


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