SD State University Using Machine Learning to Design an Authentication System Paper

(3-6 written pages, APA Format)

Outline the design of an authentication scheme that “learns” by observing user behavior over time. The more it observes a user the better job of authentication it can do. Asking questions like, “what is your father’s middle name,” at the time an account is set up, is not learning over time. That is a baseline from which the system starts to learn. The authentication scheme would start with certain primitive information about a user, such as name and password. As the use of the computing system continued, the authentication system could gather such information as commonly used programming languages; commonly used applications, dates, times, and lengths of computing sessions; use of distinctive resources and anything else you can think of. The authentication challenges would become more individualized as the system learned more information about the user.Your design should include a list of many pieces of information about a user that the system could collect. It is permissible for the system to ask an authenticated user for certain additional information, as time goes by, but the learning should normally be non-intrusive.Your design should also consider the problem of presenting and validating challenges when it sees a user doing things that don’t fit the pattern it has built up. Does the would-be user answer a true-false or a multiple-choice question? Does the system interpret natural language prose?


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