SEC310 Homeland Security

“Comparing Agencies” Please respond to the following:  Choose two homeland security agencies at the federal, state, or local level to compare and contrast. Describe how the agencies you chose are alike, how they are different, and areas for improvement.Imagine you are a DHS official. Take a stance on whether or not the Department of Homeland Security is well formed and suggest changes or improvements to the organization’s structure. 




“Critiquing the NIPP” Please respond to the following: Critique the National Infrastructure Protection Plan in the context of strategic targets. Explain why the plan is or is not effective. Support your answer.Argue whether a bottom-up or top-down approach to creating the National Infrastructure Protection Plan is most suitable with the current setup of the nation’s security protections. Support your response.

Please write 300-500 words per response: please add 1 citation per response


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