Social Pshycology

.Write a paper of approximately 200–400 words (do not exceed word count) that addresses three of the following components:  Explain what is meant by “shifting standards” when judging members of different groups. Give an example. Describe Asch’s early work on the idea of central traits. Then discuss how these ideas are related to other research presented on impression formation. Explain why stereotypes are formed and used. Explain the development of prejudice from the perspective of a response to threats to self-esteem and group interests. The “Robber’s Cave” experiment is important in social psychology. Tell what happened in the study. Explain the significance of the study. Describe the Straaten, Engles, Fainkenauer, & Holland (2009) study examining the matching hypothesis.  What did this study find? Format your paper using  West Writing Style Handbook guidelines. Include  a minimum of two sources, one is a peer-reviewed study from the University library, and the other your class textbook. Be sure to use proper APA format for the reference page as well as in-text citations.  Internet sites are not acceptable for this assignment. 


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