Applying the Sociological Imagination Essay


Inclusion of a personal problem/situation.Gives an Introduction of CW Mills definition of SI;

Clearly specifies the topic in the introduction.

Has a heading with Personal Explanation which contains 1/2 page to 1 page explanation of the personal issue.

 Inclusion of a sufficient amount and variety of sociological terms and concepts from a wide variety of chapters and subjects (i.e., use information from at least 3 different Conley chapters and 1 outside source from the Galen College online library).Has a heading with SI….included concepts from at least 3 different Conley chapters and 1 outside source; defined the concepts and mentioned the chapter numbers in parentheses; integrated the concepts well with the sociological analysis. Inclusion of at least 2 statistics or pieces of research from the text, readings, online library, or websites.The statistics or pieces of research are relevant to the personal issue the student is analyzing and is well-integrated into the SI part of the essay. Inclusion of at least 1 sociological theory.Used 1 sociological theory relevant to the personal issue and integrated it well into the analysis.

Should be part of SI section of the essay. Adheres to formatting and stylistic guidelines, utilizes correct grammar, and has effective writingOffers a clear Conclusion section; uses APA format with other requirements mentioned in the guidelines while writing the paper.


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