Threats & Countermeasures Project Presentation: Identify and explain three “specific” 21st century security threats discussed "anywhere" in our textbook. Secondly, identify and relate countermeasures (security strategies, tactics, countermeasures, etc.) to prevent and/or mitigate the specific threats. Explain each of your three threats in three separate project sections (one for each threat). Each threat section of your project must be “concisely” “titled” with the name of the threat (e.g. Insider Threats; Perimeter Threats; etc.). Following each threat section, a detailed and "titled" “countermeasures” “sub-section” must be included. Each countermeasure should be a third level sub-heading. For example, ABC Threat (heading), Countermeasures (sub-heading), and then each specific countermeasure (third level sub-heading).

Threats & Countermeasures Project Presentation


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