Unit 4 Verbania Information Technology Virtualization Paper

Verbania has requested some functionality for its new social networking application. The following is a sample of the required functionality: Account setup and log-in functionality Creating a profile Adding or removing friends Posting to a discussion area

Complete the following steps: Step 1: Work with the team’s Software Development Specialist to develop these functionalities. Develop use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, and class diagrams, as appropriate. Step 2: The mobile application side of this solution will require secure and encrypted connections. Please work with your Security and Network Specialists to develop an appropriate solution for wireless communication in the mobile application. Include the optimum levels of encryption and network connectivity. Step 3: As a final element, incorporate a Business Design Document (BDD) and a System Design Document (SDD) into the Capstone project paper. Include the team-suggested solutions for hardware or software, networking, security, as well as the integrated applications design (diagrams and database schema).

Your group must submit the following content: The diagrams and explanations for the application design The mobile application encryption and network connectivity The BDD and SDD

Within the template, prepare 8–10 pages of content addressing the team’s System Development. Insert the content into the template document under Section 4.

The entire Group Project document must be submitted to the Unit 4 Group Project submission area for review and grading.


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