write only 300 words about the jazz music


desscrbtion 6. You can do either  live performance reviews or CD reviews. THESE ARE REQUIRED. You can either attend a concert or listen to a CD and write 1 to 2 paragraphs in your own words about what you listened to and what you thoughts about the music. It must be a performance or a CD in the jazz genre. I AM NOT GRADING YOU ON YOUR WRITING OR  KNOWLEDGE OF ADVANCED MUSICAL TERMINOLOGY; I am mostly looking for evidence that you attended a concert or listened to a CD( Also, when I say CD, I mean ALBUM- as in album length. NOT one song. The whole album.)

for a start on what CDs to listen to, here are some possibilities: 


listen to any album from the link provided.. in these 100 album and listen to the whole album, and then write a 300 words about the album as it shows up here. 


that is what the teacher asking for. 

i need THREE different assignment. you can choose any album but not this one  “Miles DavisBitches Brew” because i already have write about. so pick three different albums and write 300 word for each album.   


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